Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Wisdom of Baking Soda

While in California this past week, I had a visitation from the Lord and an angel.

In the experience, the angel was speaking to me of coming sicknesses and plagues in the future.

The angel told me to take sheets, curtains, cloths, and dip them into a baking soda solution in a bucket and let them hang and air dry. Do not rinse the solution out.

When they are dry, then hang them up in windows and doorways and it will kill the sickness that is airborne.......(or you can hang them up wet)

So evidently baking soda has properties in it that neutralizes airborne bacteria and viruses, and sicknesses!

Now, these revelatory things are coming to us now, because we are asking The Lord for solutions to problems for our day.

I will have to study out this Baking Soda more......

I am sharing this just because I feel The Lord says to, and also I do not know what else we can do, but this is the piece The Lord showed me... You can do with it whatever you want to.

We are not to be in fear, but we are to be secure in Him, and walk in the Blood of Jesus Christ, and then do whatever practical things he shows us to do.

Additional Note:

As in everything we do, we first apply the Blood to ourselves and our Homes, and we also do whatever the Lord tells us to do. If He says to do practical things, then we do it. If we are to just walk among the plague victims and raise them from the dead, then we do it.

We must walk in the Spirit, with the Spirit, and release the Spirit into everything. We are not to live in fear, but we are to go forth in faith, knowing it is our time!

Gonna be exciting days, and sober days, but it is all because it is Harvest Time!

Since I received this visitation, the news has come out about Ebola is breaking out we are forearmed and alert in prayer!

God is moving in the earth!