Tuesday, September 16, 2014

"I'm Going to Fan the Netherlands in My Hand"

"I'm Going to Fan the Netherlands in My Hand"

As I sat in the class at church tonight, The Lord began to speak to me about the Netherlands. He said, 

"I'm going to fan the Netherlands in My hand. I have been doing a deep work that has seemed to many to be a delay, but it is one of My mysteries that I have desired to unfold in this day, especially among those laboring in secret with Me."

"So I say, watch as I begin to open My hand in a new way in their land, and I am going to fan her in an unexpected way, and through it she will stand up and have her say. She will fulfill what I have reserved for her in her day. She shall not remain a nether-land, but she shall be brought near, as I sweep through her with My Glory for I am here." 

"The Netherlands shall indeed stand, and she shall take her command, because I am awakening her in her own land, and she shall be a sign to her brothers, and many shall also take up their stand across the lands. My Awakening Fires shall increase, and My People shall be fully aflame, and nations will awaken to the dawning of My Names."

- Susan O'Marra
- 09-16-14