Saturday, December 27, 2014

"Stepping out onto your promises- 12-26-14" Podcast

Stepping out onto your promises 12-26-14

Tonight, the Lord spoke forth so powerfully and clearly regarding our future destinies that we all were amazed within His Presence. 

This is an hour to fully believe, to dream again, to hope again, and to let your vision soar! 

Everything that He has spoken to you shall come to pass, as you walk with Him. He has a detailed plan for your life, and it shall unfold as you follow Him.

Very powerful prophecies, 2 messages, 3 commissioning's, and several healing's. This is a New Day, and an Hour of Prophetic Release!

It is our pleasure to share our experiences with you, and to also release the prophecies into your lives, because you also were chosen by the Father to fulfill His Words too. 

He will speak to your through the messages, and will give you the keys to unlock your faith so that you can run with His vision also.

May He bless you within His words, and multiply Himself through your lives! Enjoy the podcast!

- Susan

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