Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Angel With The Golden Censer Over Florida 02-03-15

The Angel with the Golden Censer over Florida  02-03-15

Today, as we were driving from Ft Lauderdale to Cocoa Beach, I saw a very large angel standing above 1-95, and he had a golden censer full of fire and incense suspended on a long golden chain, and it was swinging back and forth suspended from his hand. I knew that he was in charge of keeping the Watch of the Lord over the State. He was monitoring the level of committed prayer that was rising up to the Lord.

I watched him with the censer as he would look at an area, swinging the smoking censer in slow deliberate movements. When he did, if he was fully satisfied by the prayers rising up to the Lord, he would move on to the next area. But as It watched this time, he paused, and he reached down over the area we were driving through, and he gathered specific praying saints, and placed them within the censer that he was waving. He did this till he was satisfied that there was enough prayer, and that the quality of prayer that the Father needed to accomplish His Purposes there was achieved.

I continued watching in the vision as he would also move over areas to see if they were also obedient to the mandates that the Father had given to them, and if they were, he released more incense into their prayers and the Glory would waft even higher. If they were not obedient in prayer, he would dump out the coals of fire from the censer onto the ground below. This caused immediate turmoil and deep dealings of God to break forth into their lives.

Then he would look for those who were praying according to the Lords instructions, and he would lift them into the empty censer and would blow upon them until they were ignited and then he added precious incense to them, and their lives burned a holy fragrance when they prayed. Those who have not fully obeyed Gods instructions are going to be removed from their positions and others will be presented before the Throne in their place of prayer for their respective areas.

The Father desires that the Watchmen be faithful before Him, and that they be diligent in their obedience to Him. Many areas are not fully covered, and the Lord has released the Angels to deal with the lack of prayer within His House and within this nation. Intense dealings of God are going to commence among the apathetic sleeping ones. But great Glory will rise and sweep over the areas that are keeping their positions with integrity and diligence.

- Susan O'Marra
- 02-03-15