Saturday, May 9, 2015

The Spirit of Victory has come- 05-08-15

"The Spirit of Victory has come - 05-08-15"

The Podcast from Friday night's service can be heard at:

The Father is calling all of the Sons and Daughters, and the Kings and Priests to stand in their places. He has ordained victory for your races. 
It is time that we see what He sees for this generation. It is time that we see what He sees for our nations. 
This was a night of powerful prophecy and a strong moving of the Spirit among the brethren on Friday night. We encourage you to write out the prophecies for yourself, for your part in His purposes.
The Lord spoke to us very powerful admonishments, and also charged us for the decades ahead. It is crucial that we understand His Plans for our lands! It is time to take our stand!
The Spirit of Victory came into the meeting, the Lord Jesus also moved among us, and the Father was walking through our region this night.
Heaven is active all around you! 
Rise up saints and take your places, Father is about to show His four faces!