Friday, March 18, 2016

The Earth Is About To Be Mightily Shaken

The Earth Is About To Be Mightily Shaken

(Prophetic Poem)

The earth is about to be mightily shaken
Its time for us all to fully awaken-

The Glory is just the beginning of the quaking
Yet, Chains and bands are already breaking-

Stand faithfully in your lot in this bright hour
For the Harvest has begun in Dawn’s power-

You were each chosen by His Sovereign Hand
Together you will fulfill His Eternal Plan-

Armies of Heaven stand by you ready to fight
The Glorious Harvest is your inheritance right-

The thick darkness is already a heaving
In droves, its followers are quickly leaving-

Salvations are erupting across every land
The knowledge of Jesus shall expand and expand-

Till the earth is reaped, and the wars are still,
The nations, all standing on His Holy Hill-

Now is the time for everything to fully realign
The earth and men have been given their signs-

There shall be no more arguments or foolish delay
The Father shall have His Harvest, His way!

-       Given to Susan O’Marra

-       03-18-16