Tuesday, August 14, 2012

It Is A Time Of Grace, Children

"It Is A Time Of Grace, Children"

Transcript of Prophetic Words given during the Prayer Watch on 08-13-12.

It is a time of Grace, Children. It is a time of Grace, a time that I have granted you to seek My Face. It is a time of Great Grace. It is a time of Great, Great, Great Grace. A Grace that no other generation has known. You Children, I have forced to become full grown. I have sowed My Seeds within you. I have planted My Vision- My Heart- My Mind. And I am coming. I am coming to water you, a day at a time. I am coming, Children, to deeply mine. You have My Mind, and I am coming to mine My Mind, so that you can understand the Treasures that are stored up for you. So that you will understand the gifts, and talents that I have buried in you. So that you can understand the storehouses, and warehouses, and places that I have set in your paths ahead of you! There is no lack in My House Children, and as you walk with Me in the day, and in the night, you shall not waver in the fight! No, you were born for this right! You were born with this right! You were born to fight your fight! For I have called you for a birth.

Children, you are a Judges worth! You are My Judgment Seed. You are My Judges among the Weeds, and I shall use you to sift the weeds, and to reap My Seeds. I shall use you in prayer to bring down My Glory everywhere! But Children, know! Do not be afraid of the things that will come and the winds that will blow! They are part of your history. They are a part of your future. They are part of My unfolding Mystery. For within those Winds, and within My Fold, you will hear My Voice that will speak to you as Gold. For I have gold, tried in the fire, for you- Precious Words that are true- Measured in increments to be given to you. Everyday I have a portion of gold for you. I have a portion of Words that are true, because this is why I created you.

You are ones that will stand in the Gap. You will stand in My Folds. You will stand and speak My Gold, and I shall usher in the things not yet heard and told. I told you Children, that I have been in control, even from old. That is why I have made you bold. Because Children, you are hot and not cold! You are My Children. You are My Flaming Ones, that I have forced to come alive! I have pressed you, and compressed you, and I have dressed you. But I have saved the best for you! Because you are My Remnant Seed. You are My Remnant Seed, in whom there is no weed. Oh no, there is My Flame! There is My Name, hidden in you! For I wrote My Name in you before you were born, and I sent you to the earth for this time and season. You will be the Ones that will stand through it all. You will be faithful in My Call. You will usher in many to the Wall. You will train them and teach them to forsake all for the call.

Children, this is why I have set My Wall in the East. This is why I have chosen My Altar in the Region. Because I have given you power to command My Legions. Because Children, you have earned the right. I have showed you this in the night. I have showed you this in the day. I have taught you, and forced you to come and pray. But Children, you needed this time. You needed this hour. You needed the training to pray with power. But watch and see the world change before you, it will change quickly. For I have already begun to rearrange, and many more will fall, and many more will rise to the call. But you will be faithful through it all!

You will stand according to My Plan! For it is written in My Hand! It is written in My Mouth! It is written in My Word! Children, listen, for you will hear the words that are to be heard. I will speak to you in the day. I will speak to you in the night. I will teach you. I will train you. I will under-gird you, and I will restrain you. You will pray with Me, for I shall give you eyes to see. I am passing quickly in the earth, Children. I am passing in this hour, nation after nation shall fall or rise in power, but those that rise with Me shall see the victory. Those that forsake Me, and come against Me, shall before Me in a day. For I shall hasten the war, and I shall prepare before you, the Way.

A time of corporate praying in the Spirit...

Children, you stand at the Head of My Day. It is a New Day. It is a Great Day, just as I told you it was a Great, Great Day. It is the Day of the Lord. The Day of Your Lord! The Day when I choose to rise up in the earth! The Day when I choose for you, My People, to give birth! It is a Day of War! It is a Day you were made for! It is a Day that I have planned from the Beginning! It is a Day when I planned that My Church will no longer be sinning! It is a Day that I planned that My Church would be winning! It is a Day, a Great and Notable Day, it is My Day! The Day you will see Me rise a new way! Even among your lives, I am coming a new way! I am coming, and rising up, in your day! I am coming to walk with you today, and I want you to look for Me everywhere you turn. You will know that I am in you. I am with you. I am for you. Wherever you go, you will see My Hand moving! For I am awakening you to My Reality!

I am awakening you to know that I am in control, and that I am showing you the way to go! I am awakening you to Me, Christ, within you! But Children, there is more! There is more! This is My Day! And men have had their say. And men have had their chance. And men have done their dances. And they have performed their things. But they have not seen the things that I have reserved for this day! I tell you, I am doing a new work in the earth, and My people shall no longer play, they shall begin to walk in My way! For I am coming a new way, in a new display, and I shall reveal Myself everyday. I shall confound the wise, and I shall raise up the humble. I shall cause many a head to tumble. I shall cause many a nation to rumble. I shall cause many things to be shaken from their foundations. It is because I am after My Harvest of the Nations!

Children, stand on your stations! Stand on the Watch with Me! Stand and see the Hosts of My Army arrayed all around thee! Open your eyes, and look! You have nothing to fear. You have nothing to worry about. You have nothing that should cause you to be downcast in My Face. Children, you have My Grace! I have caused you to be born in this generation, because of the race! You have already won it, before you were ever born into it. You have already walked it with Me in eternity. Because you were in Me, before I ever spoke you into existence! Do not doubt Me! Walk in joy and liberty before Me, each day, knowing that I am fulfilling My Word in your way!

This is My Day, the Day that I have decreed, the Day when I would give Life to My Remnant Seed! The Day when My Promises, and Prophecies, and Decrees would come true. Children, look with eyes that are new! For all of the Layers are coming together by your prayers, and you will see the Image of Me rising quickly across the globe! I am raising up My Generation! The Generation that seeks My Face! The Generation that walks and knows My Grace! The Generation that keeps My Pace! Walk with Me in your Generational Authority! Walk in the Measure that I have Ruled out for you! Walk in the Flow that was Born for you, and know that My Word is True!

It shall not come as you think, but it shall be new, because I have greater things in store for you! I am doing a Great Work, and men have been bold, and men have thought they knew what they were going to do, and they have told their part, but they have not understood, they did not have My Light in their heart! I tell you, their words shall fall to the ground and bear no fruit, but look around and see, the words and the power of your words of your decrees, because out of those things that fall, you shall see the seeds of your decrees! You shall see the trees rising high in the earth. You shall see the Stones of Great Worth! For I have Truth sown in the hearts of men, and that truth shall branch, and bloom, and blossom on My Rods again. You shall see My Rods bearing fruit, wherever you look, Children understand, you have been watering them from My Prayer Brook.

You have been watering the seeds in men through Prayer! You have been watering the destinies of men as you have been climbing My Stairs! You have had My Heart and My Burden in prayer, and I have been answering you, even though you haven't seen it anywhere! It was a Hidden Work, that I have been faithfully watching over, day by day, as you faithfully prayed! But now, you will see the shoots emerge! 

You will see the branches bear leaves! You will see the almonds on the trees! You will see the tree grow from seeds in a day! You shall see the forests give way, because of your faithfulness, with Me, to pray! I shall answer your prayer in a day. You shall see them overtake you. You shall see the Sower overtake the Reaper. The Harvester overtake the one that waters. You shall see fulfillment after fulfillment after fulfillment, quickly. Because I say to you, the time is at hand, it is My Day! I shall have My Way! You shall know what to say as you meet with Me everyday, for I shall show you what's in My Book. Children, you have the Keys. You know the direction you are to go.

Ezekiel 13:5 You have not gone up into the gaps or breeches, nor built up the wall for the house of Israel that it might stand in the battle in the day of the Lord.

Numbers 17:7 And Moses deposited the rods before the Lord in the Tent of the Testimony. 8 And the next day Moses went into the Tent of the Testimony, and behold, the rod of Aaron for the house of Levi had sprouted and brought forth buds and produced blossoms and yielded [ripe] almonds. 9 Moses brought out all the rods from before the Lord to all the Israelites; and they looked, and each man took his rod.

Psalms 24:6 This is the generation [description] of those who seek Him [who inquire of and for Him and of necessity require Him], who seek Your face, [O God of] Jacob. Selah [pause, and think of that]!

Susan O'Marra