Wednesday, November 21, 2012

"I Am Looking For My Champions!"

Transcript of Prophetic Word given to the students during the class at SOG on 11-20-12:

"I Am Looking For My Champions!"

My People have been shaken, and they have been rattled, and they have been overtaken by the spirit of fear in this nation, and even in My church in this hour. So I am coming with a greater evidence and demonstration of My Reality and My Power! For I shall have a People that are not shaken, and rattled, and overcome by anything but Me! I am going to shake My Church thoroughly! I am going to gird her, and strengthen her, and equip her as never before! I am coming as a God of War!

I am coming for a Champion in My Church! I am looking for My Champions! That are not shaken, that are not overtaken, that are not rattled, but they break out, and they begin to run in demonstration of Me! I am looking for My David's, that will stand, and run at the battle! That will run at the circumstances! That will run at the fear! At the worry! At the circumstances that cause My People to cower, and weep, and moan. I am looking for My own!

I am looking for those that would be empowered through My Spirit! That will rise up as Champions in this hour! That will proclaim who I am and demonstrate that they know Me, and that I am in them! I am coming in greater ways, even to you! Even you, My students. Even you, My Champions. I have been fashioning you, week by week. I have been arming you, and I have been laying My armor on you, layer by layer, and I am coming to fill you, with the reality of Me, that nothing will shake you! Nothing will rattle you! Nothing will overtake you! Because you are to lead My army! You are to bring them into the evidence and demonstration of Me in this hour!

Jeremiah 20:10 For I have heard the whispering of many, “Terror on every side! Denounce him; yes, let us denounce him!” All my trusted friends, Watching for my fall, say: “Perhaps he will be deceived, so that we may prevail against him And take our revenge on him.” 11 But the LORD is with me like a dread champion; Therefore my persecutors will stumble and not prevail. They will be utterly ashamed, because they have failed, With an everlasting disgrace that will not be forgotten. 12 Yet, O LORD of hosts, You who test the righteous, Who see the mind and the heart; Let me see Your vengeance on them; For to You I have set forth my cause.  NAS

Luke 4:18 The Spirit of the Lord [is] upon Me, because He has anointed Me [the Anointed One, the Messiah] to preach the good news (the Gospel) to the poor; He has sent Me to announce release to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to send forth as delivered those who are oppressed [who are downtrodden, bruised, crushed, and broken down by calamity], 19 To proclaim the accepted and acceptable year of the Lord [the day when salvation and the free favors of God profusely abound.

Susan O'Marra