Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Journal Entry: Lava Bombs Falling

Susan’s Prophetic Journal Entry:

11/21/12:  Lava Bombs hitting Miami:

I dreamed of seeing 2 tall angels standing in my bedroom. They were all brilliant white light and I could see their shape and the span of their wings. I knew they were going somewhere.

The scene shifted to an ocean.

I then saw an underwater volcano erupting. It was violent, and it sent firebombs of lava high into the air, as well as lava and smoke pouring in the ocean. The lava bombs also hit a nearby landmass. I wondered what place this was, as some of the lava bombs were hitting populated areas. I then heard a voice say, “Miami.”  I woke up.

Dreams can be literal or symbolic in nature…

This could be a literal event in the future, and I don’t know if there are underwater volcanoes off of Florida or not….?

Or, maybe a new one will be discovered, or, maybe the pressure under the U.S. continental plate will be so great that it will force lava up through a crack off the Florida coast anyways, creating an open fissure for the pressure to be vented through?

This can also be spiritually symbolic of tensions in the masses of people’s in the Miami area….as the oceans always depict masses of people.

Great unrest is seen also as explosions and violent upheavals.

So, we need to pray for the Florida area to have racial, economic, and social peace there……and for upcoming riots maybe??

Don’t know……I only report what I see…….Lord, give us more on this………amen!!



Update: 11/27/12:

This was sent to by a friend to us today:

Magma Under the Cavern? Earth Expansion Theory

Theory – The Gulf of Mexico is heating up due to a rise in magma flow convecting (running like a conveyor belt) under the Gulf floor. This is the Earth Expansion Theory, where the Earth heats up, filling the salt domes with tar (magma melting oil and creating tar), and pushing the ocean floor up. The tar bubbles as it heats up, and it outgases.