Sunday, May 26, 2013

Prophecy given at OCC in Sunnyvale, CA on 05-19-13

Prophecy given at OCC in Sunnyvale, CA on 05-19-13

May 19th, 2013: OCC

As we were worshiping, I saw rainbows dancing on the tops of the people's heads and it would pass from person to person. The Lord was dancing over the people, and the angels were creating arches over their heads for the Lord to dance upon, as they were worshiping Him. I asked The Lord what they were doing, and The Lord said:

"I am creating My Portico. I have established My Portico in this place."

"I have established a House of Grace, Honor, and it is Holy unto Me. My Covenant is over you. My Grace is given unto you. My Honor is seen within you. My Holiness is your Canopy. I shall heal all that gather unto Me in this place, for you have sought My Face. You have desired to make a room for Me, so I have begun to erect it today. I shall beautify it with Myself in every way. I have planted you, and you have obeyed My Commands, And together you shall stand hand in hand, in this land. My Portico shall radiate with Me, for with Myself have I glorified thee."


A structure with a roof and pillars and is attached to another building.

The Porch or Portico of The Lord

John 5:1-9

Later, I saw rainbow drops raining down in the room over the people. It was going into their minds, their hearts, and their feet. I said, Lord what I'd this rain for?

The Lord said, "I am bringing My People into a Covenant of Unity with Me. As you are one with Me, you shall be one with each other, for I shall join you together in your hearts, in your minds, and in your walks. You shall form a great Body for Me. You shall move in greater unity with Me corporately. For I shall join you all to Me corporately, and shall pour through you continually, with Me. I have created you to be an extension of Me and of each other in this city. As they behold you, they shall behold Me. I will be known in the midst of thee. I have established you to glorify Me."