Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Son Is Rising Over His People 05-04-13

The Son Is Rising Over His People 05-04-13

As we were visiting a friend's house, we were sitting in their living room and the Presence of The Lord filled the atmosphere of the room. We were all instantly aware of it at the same time. Such an awe filled us all, so we sat there quietly waiting upon The Lord. I then saw in the vision that we were all lifted up into the heavenlies, and we were all on this mountain. The mountain was covered in rich green grass, and had trees, birds, and such a peaceful breeze that blew upon us all. We were all sitting on a blanket picnic style watching the sun rise. The Sun was rising, and it had emanations of colors coming from it as it rose up higher into the sky. There were shafts, or beams of colors streaming out of it towards it. But the shafts looked also like radiations or layers coming towards us, like Light Waves.    

They were like sound waves that echoed outwards towards us, and we are being changed as we sit there. We are being washed in His Presence, the Light of the Son removes things from us and gives us life. The more we walk and live in His Presence, the more that we are changed, a new lushness, richness, vitality, and fatness from Him is coming into us. His fatness or richness is coming into us. A new intimacy that is bringing His Fatness into our lives. A dense richness is opening up inside of us, and we are being changed.

Isaiah 25:7-9  The Lord has a feasting for His People on His Mountain.

Malachi 4:1-2  The Lord is rising over His People to bring full healing to their lives.

Isaiah 10:27  The yokes of death and of the world are being broken by the Lord's fatness, His anointing.

The War in the Heavenlies   05-05-13

As Patrick and I were going to bed for the night, I saw so much war in the Spirit over Rochester. The angels were flying and fighting everywhere. Horses and clouds were  darting in and out. Swords and weapons were being fought with, and fierce war was being waged. I watched it for awhile praying in the Spirit as they fought above us. The Glory of The Lord is increasing in the City and the war is raging over the people's hearts and lives. The prayer is having a great effect, and more of The Lord's Presence is coming in. Healing and restoration is accelerating in our midst.  Strongholds are falling daily as we agree with the Lord in prayer.

Isaiah 34:1-8, 16.

The sword of The Lord is bathed in fatness, in glory, in power. It is stretched out over everything that exalts itself against Him or His People. Everything written in His Book for us shall not fail to come to pass.

A Day of Vengeance and a Year of Recompense.

Isaiah 27:1-6. The Lord is removing every enemy and bringing wholeness and peace. The people of The Lord will cause us to root, shoot upwards, blossom, and bear fruit.